Best highchair for Babies 


So here you are looking for information which high chair is the best one for your little one. Whether you are just doing your research, or your bubs due soon and you want to tick everything on the list or your bubs approaching 6 months and ready to venture out. We definitely once in your position and we think that we have made the best decision on high chair that every parents should know of.

There are so many options out there and so many brands do highchair, so many features available, different designs, different colours not to mention different safety standard. Where do you even start?

It helps if you start writing down the features that you want in a high chair. These are some random features that normally available in high chair.


  • Large tray table
  • Comfortable seat lining
  • Height adjustable
  • With wheels
  • Foldable
  • Looks good
  • Can convert into different level or stages
  • Removable tray table
  • Removable top tray to clean
  • Seat lining is water proof and washable
  • Made of wood
  • Can recline
  • 5 points harness safety system
  • Made in Europe
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reasonable price

Right, now that you have selected the features that you want, lets hunt for the chair and hope it exist!

Turn out in our case, the one that we want is out of reach. We can’t justify $300 bucks for a chair plus we have to pay extra for the bells and whistles.

So we back to square one and start reading about reviews online and found a lot of people talks about the Ikea Antilop chair. So honey pack your bags, we are going to IKEA!

Best highchair for Babies

After battling to ignore everything else that ikea had to offer, we finally arrived in the kids section where the antilop chair is. At the time, ikea only have one colour which is white colour, now they have 3 colours, white, blue and pink. We looked the display model and play around with it, looks sturdy, very cheap compare to others (only$24.99 in AUS), we decided why not, try it if it doesn’t work outs then at least we haven’t wasted $300+ on a highchair.

Turns out buying Ikea Antilop chair is the best decision ever


Best highchair for Babies

Why do we think the IKEA antilop chair is the best high chair for babies and toddler?

  • Extremely good in price – as we mention above, we picked this chair for $24.99 in Australia. Compared to other chair out there in the market, this one is a bargain.
  • Does the job, it’s a high chair with buckle and it looks and feel safe.
  • Large tray table
    • Perfect for little one starting out BLW, you can place the food on the tray for the to explore the taste
    • Fits most suction plates, the surface is flat enables great suction. If you really keen, EasyTOTS made a silicone suction plate in the shape of the Ikea tray table, so that you don’t have to worry in cleaning it up all the time and the plate equipped with 4 suction cups at each corner making it hard for your little one to throw the plate out.

  • Fit nicely for bib-a-do, if you un aware of this product called bib a do. It’s basically a bib or smock that catches most of the food of the tray table, therefore less mess and less laundry that you need to do.

  • Common chair, yes it is a common chair, everywhere you look you will find the Ikea antilop chair, your friends have it, restaurant down the rood have it, even we saw this Ikea chair in most restaurant that we visited while we in Italy and north America. We See this as a positive thing to your little one. Because your little one is trained with this chair at home, spent at least 3 times a day munching his or her meals, they will find it comfortable seeing similar chair to the one that they have at home. Everytime we go to dine out and see the Ikea chair in the restaurant, our baby will ask for us to put him on his chair and start eating his food.
  • Fits most table (when the tray table is taken out), we have the perfect dining table for this chair. When we take out the tray it slides under our table so when our boy is 18+ months he can sit on his chair and have his plate on the same table as we are. Check the height of this chair with your dining table to see if it can slide under the table. This will be useful when your baby is high enough to join you on the dining table.
  • Easy to clean, easy to remove the tray, wipe clean very easily.

What are the bad thing about the IKEA antilop baby highchair?

  • Common things that people says about this chair is doesn’t look comfortable. Without the supporting cushion (when your baby a toddler, they can’t use the supporting cushion because they will/might not fit on to the chair) feels like your baby sitting on hard chair. Seems to be ok from our experience, our boy didn’t seem to mind it. He seems to eat and when he finishes he wants to go down. Not sure if having a chair with cushion will help the weaning process, may help them to sleep instead because it’s so comfortable.
  • Some people also says that this chair it’s not height adjustable which is a bad thing. Well yes, in our cases we didn’t mind it. We always eat in the dining table anyway to train him and make it a routine that you eat in the dining table. I can see that this become a problem when you feed your baby in the living room, while you sitting on a couch (presumably it’s lower than the standard height of a high chair). In this case then the Ikea Antilop might not be suitable for you.
  • It’s not foldable, you can’t stow it somewhere after finish using the chair. Depending on how much space do you have at home, then this could be a problem. You can disassemble the legs of this chair and stow it somewhere, but you will have to take out each of the legs one by one which is annoying. We didn’t mind it because our dining table is in the corner and the chair just fits ok with the dining table without being in a way of things.
  • The legs stick out – yes we noticed this, the legs are not straight down, but it stick out. All those grandparents nearby, make sure that they are aware of this chair legs, otherwise could easily trip them over.
  • Looks boring – Yes, plastic with a white, red blue supporting cushion that looks horrendous. I suppose here you get what you paid for. On the other hand, we know a company in the UK (ship worldwide) who make a custom cover for the supporting cushion and also splash mat that fits under the highchair. Check out her site here  and check out her latest designs.

Well look at the end of the day this is our opinion and the ikea chair fits the purpose and works well with our boy. You might disagree or experience a complete opposite to what we went through. The mentality that we use is cheap enough to try, so if you haven’t made up your mind of which chair to buy, give the Antilop a go. J

Note: we don’t get paid by ikea to write this article! I wish we get $1 for every chair that they sold, knowing how many this thing is out there in the world, we’d easily be a millionaire. We wrote this article based on personal experience.