Friday 16-02-2017 – Marcus Marcus Mat and Pizza for lunch

We had pizza for lunch for the first time for Zach. He love the dough, chicken, mushroom and cheese. He showing no love of the anchovies. We had the Marcus Marcus Placemat with us, as you know now, we like to bring this mat everywhere including picnic and dining out. Its just give us a bit of clean piece of place for our kid to eat. (only god knows where those wipes that the waiter used to clean restaurant table have been) 🙂

We are so blessed with Zach that he is eager to try new food, probably he is yet to understand the concept of new or old food. although if he doesn’t like it, 9-10 he wont reach for it anymore.

At 8.5 months he have developed a making decision skill, We put mushroom, dough and chicken on his plate. As they all look mussy from the pizza it is hard for him to identify it, so he give everything a go, but once he knows that mushoom is his favorite, we will go for the mushroom and eat that first, then the chicken and the dough.