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Making school lunches and meals on the move easy!

Little Lunch Box Co is an Australian company that designs bento lunch boxes and accessories, making school lunches and meals on the move easy!

Why bento?

Little Lunch Box Co’s range of bento lunch boxes and accessories makes life easier for busy parents, saving you time and money when making lunch for your kids.

Bento lunch boxes will transform the way you pack lunches for your family. Honestly, you’ll never go back to your old lunch packing ways after discovering the benefits of bento.

Less Waste

Reduce the amount of pre-packaged and processed food in your child’s lunch box and limit rubbish by packing waste-free lunches. 

More Variety

Your kids will love being tempted by a variety of delicious bite-sized portions that are easy to eat and even easier for you to pack!

Eat Better

Ditched processed products and get back to basics. Even fussy eaters will have a go at new foods when packed bento-style.

Save Money

Stop paying more for pre-packaged goods. Buy in bulk batch prep lunches and create bento meals that save your time and money.

Little Lunch Box Co design and manufacture high-quality bento lunch boxes and accessories that are waste-free, BPA free, kid-friendly, easy to clean and fun to pack (we promise!)

The only thing better than a bento lunch box is one that’s kitted out to suit your child’s exact needs. Customise their bento lunch box with Little Lunch Box Co accessories to make them excited for lunchtime each day. Choose from bento cups or dividers made from BPA-free 100% silicone, making them soft, easy to use and even easier to clean.

Available in two different sizes, our handy silicone cups help maximise your child’s lunch box, giving you endless options. Mix and match colours to add even more variety plus a touch of fun. Our bento dividers, designed to fit perfectly into our Bento Two and Bento Five, are also available in fun colours to bring your child’s lunch box to life.

Care Instructions

Little Lunch Box Co products are all made of durable hardwearing BPA free food safe materials. Wear and tear is a normal part of any product and common with products made for, and used by, children. Wear and tear or damage caused by drops are not a fault created during the manufacturing process and will not be claimable under our manufacturers warranty.

Unless otherwise stated in the product descriptions, our standard design Bento lunch boxes are top shelf dishwasher safe on wash cycles <40 degrees celsius. Our glitter lunch boxes are not suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.  To keep your Little Lunch Box Co products looking their best avoid prolonged direct contact with sunlight. We do not recommend you use Little Lunch Box Co products in the microwave, oven or freezer. We recommend that you always store your lunch box with the lid open when not in use to allow the seal to fully dry. Storing your lunch box with the lid closed can result in mould growth. This will not be covered under your manufactures warranty.


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