[Recipe] Teething Biscuits/Rusks

I made those sweet potato teething biscuits for Zach and he loves it more than the ones I bought from the supermarket.  I guess all babies may be able to sense which food is made from natural and fresh ingredients.

These biscuits are not only great for BLW baby as the size is perfect for them to grab but also are awesome snacks for all babies and toddlers. What’s more important, this recipe is easy to follow.

So here I am, let me show you how to make it.

What you will need:

  • Mashed sweet potato –  50g
  • Flour – 140g
  • Vegetable oil – 5g
  • Water – 100ml
  • Formula (optional) – 5g


  1. Stream or boil 50g of sweet potato
  2. Mashed the sweet potato, let it cool down a little bit
  3. Sieve the flour and add it into the mashed sweet potato
  4. Add in all other ingredients
  5. Knead the dough till everything is mixed, do not knead it too long or the gluten will develop and it won’t be as crispy
  6. Roll the dough to about 0.2 cm thick
  7. Cut it into finger size long and about 1.5 cm wide
  8. Twist the cut dough (as shown in the video below)
  9. Put the twisted dough strips into the preheated 150°C oven, bake them for about 15 mins

And hooray! It’s done! Wait till it’s cool and the biscuit will become just like the teething rusks you can buy from the supermarkets.

Teething Biscuits
Sweet Potato Teething Biscuits

I have also made the videos and hope it will make it even easier for you. Hope your baby enjoys it.

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