Sunday 11 Feb 2018 – South Perth

Sunday morning 11/02/2018 was a beautiful day here in Perth. The temperature hit early 30s. We decided to take our dogs out from the house and do picnic in South Perth. This is our favorite spot because of the huge grass area for our dogs to run around as well as nice view of Perth City for us to have a picnic.

The temperature actually felt hotter than what they predicted, so we set our picnic rug under a tree. It was an exciting time also for us because it’s the first time that we use the Marcus n Marcus Placemat. This placemat is really popular in Asia, a lot of people use this mat to introduce BLW to their kids.

Our first impression of this product, we feel that it is good material, the silicone is soft and cool. (you know sometime silicone can feel warm). we feel that the size of the mat is just perfect. Not too small or too big. The prints is really good, Zach definitely noticed the print out of Marcus the lion on the mat.

On this outing we are also using the Bibs and Palms Grasp Fork from Marcus Marcus. I think the fork fits exactly Zach’s palm and we feel he is gaining confidence in navigating the fork to his mouth. The bib is also good, I think this is the only bib that catches most food so far in our BLW journey.

Product Shown: