Tuesday 13 Feb 2018 – Marcus Marcus Suction Bowl and Hand Grasp Spoon and Fork Set

Today Nana has made her special porridge with corn for Zach, served in our new Marcus & Marcus Suction bowl.

Even though porridge is not really the kind of BLW food, but we love them and we think it’s great to offer the pre-loaded spoon to train how to feed themselves using a spoon.

We feel the bowl is in a good size for babies.  The handle on both side might be useful when the LO is slightly older.  The suction part works really well, we tried it on our IKEA highchair and it stayed the whole time when Zach was sitting on it. The leaver to release the suction is also easy to reach. The bowl has a slight curved on its edge, its a clever feature to prevent soup overflow out of the bowl. 

The bowl comes with 5 different colours , We chose yellow because there are not many plates or bowls out there comes in yellow colour and plus it’s bright and goes along with the Yellow Giraffe Hand Grasp spoon and Fork set that we have.


After trying so many different spoons for Zach (you name it, we most likely have it), we finally found the one that he likes the most. We found that the size of the spoon fits his little hand perfectly. He is navigating the spoon easily to his mouth and the spoon’s shape is really tailored to fit a small mouth from any angle.


Product Shown: