Monday 12 Feb 2018 – Marcus Marcus AmuseMat

Today’s Breakfast is all about the new Marcus & Marcus AmaseMat.


Marcus & Marcus Amusemat takes a whole difference experience on baby feeding journey. It definitely brings FUN to the table.  Zach was so curious of the plate as there are so many stuff on the plate that lifted his curiosity and also his sense.

The plate does not have a sucking feature on it, but 30 mins through the meal time, it only moved a few cm from where we put the plate originally on his table.  I think this plate is worthy a try for those Mums who is bored and sicked of looking at the usual plates out there in the market.


As for food, Today Zach is having 

  • Mango with skin
  • Plum with skin
  • Blueberries

This kid loves mango. We found that it is easier for him to pick the mango up with the skin on. As for blueberries, he used to love it a lot, but recently we haven’t been able to purchased much sweet blueberries in the supermarket, hence he is a bit over the it.


Product Shown: